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This is the homepage af the GQL Project - just another attempt to create a generic SQL interface for Linux/UNIX platforms.

The CLI (call level interface) library GQL, provides an abstraction of a SQL database, which means it is a general API for all (or most) possible SQL databases. It achieves this by using individual drivers for different databases.


GQL is implemented in C++, so its native interface is C++ also. As of version 0.3.0, there is an ucxx script interface, making GQL is usable with all languages ucxx has bindings for.

Apps using GQL

Since version 0.3.0, GQL comes with GQL-Shell, an interactive database terminal. It is quite similiar to psql, the PostgreSQL database terminal, but can access all GQL-supported database . It's manual page is online.

I am also writing a Gnome SQL GUI called genSQL based on GQL. Visit its homepage for more information.

If you have written some piece of software using GQL, please mail me, and I will list it here.

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